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See what makes Dr. Maloney a Top Los Angeles Ophthalmologist

Education, training, publications, research: Dr. Robert Maloney's professional history describes someone who is constantly reaching to achieve nothing but his personal best. As a scholar, a doctor, a scientist and a top Los Angeles ophthalmologist, he brings innovation and vision to every part of his work. And those who benefit the most from his dedication? His patients.

Vision is crucial to independent living…

Most people agree…vision is the most important communication sense. If they had to choose between hearing and vision, the choice would be vision. While that is a hard choice, and one that we are not likely to ever have to make, it is food for thought. Vision allows us to read, watch movies, walk alone easily, see our children, grandchildren, and to visually appreciate the beautiful planet we inhabit.

Almost everyone experiences a degree of vision loss due to the aging process. Some of us have weak vision from birth. Wherever you fall between these two extremes, Dr. Maloney can help. As a Harvard trained board-certified eye MD, he has completed over 10 years of specialized training in diseases of the eye as well as dozens of courses in all aspects of eye health.

Dr. Maloney is a medical doctor who has gone on to acquire specialized training in diseases of the eye including vision abnormalities. Along the way, he has acquired substantial experience treating these abnormalities and as such has made time to teach others. He currently is a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine.

For patients suffering from blurred vision caused by cataracts, Dr. Maloney is among the leading ophthalmologist MDs in the Los Angeles area. He routinely restores sharper vision to senior patients who have gradually had to depend on glasses for everyday reading and other tasks.

Another area that Dr. Maloney excels in is LASIK procedures. These life changing procedures require an extremely high level of skill to ensure the exact corrections are made to the cornea. Laser technology has made it possible to restore 20/20 vision in many cases. While much of the procedure is programmed by computers, the initial measurements and judgment must come from a certified ophthalmologist. Choosing the right one is critical to the success of your procedure.

Trusting your precious sight to an ophthalmologist makes sense if you consider how traumatic life would be should a mistake be made when treating eye disorders. Dr. Maloney is among the most highly trained and skilled ophthalmologists in the Los Angeles area.

Find out all the work that Dr. Robert Maloney has done to be what his many patients consider the top Los Angeles ophthalmologist!

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