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The Doctors

Dr. Robert Maloney performs implantable contact lens surgery

Dr. Robert Maloney was featured on “The Doctors” TV show performing the Implantable Contact lens procedure. Watch as he takes Caroline, a 22 year old college student, from being legally blind and dependent on glasses and contacts since age 6, to seeing the world with new amazing 20/15 HD vision.

Caroline, 22, has been wearing glasses since the age of 6, and her prescription increased every three to four months until she eventually became legally blind.

“I’ve always been very active,” Caroline says. “I’m an aspiring wildlife biologist, and without my contacts or glasses, I’m completely blind.”

Restoring Caroline’s vision would afford her a whole new life, and the Visian Implantable contact lenses did just that. Ophthalmologist Dr. Robert Maloney explains the breakthrough surgery.

“In a 15 to 30 minute procedure, two small laser incisions are made on the base of the cornea, and a contact lens is injected between the iris and natural lens to work with the natural optical system. The incisions are then closed with self-dissolving stitches, and eye drops are distributed to prevent infection. You don’t have to clean [the contact lens], take it out, change it, adjust it or rub your eye,” Dr. Maloney says. “It stays there forever.”

One week after the surgery, Caroline describes her restored vision.

“It’s like seeing in HD,” she says. “It’s amazing.”

“Her vision is better than 20/20 now, it’s 20/15,” Dr. Maloney adds. “She’s sees better than 90 percent of people.”

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