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FDA Approves Implantable Micro Lens for Extreme Nearsightedness



Severely nearsighted people could now have the chance to see without glasses. The Food and Drug Administration is anticipated to approve a new corrective lens which is implanted directly into the eye. There are nearly three million people who suffer from severe nearsightedness. Dr. Robert K. Maloney from the Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute in Los Angeles was a principle investigator in the three-year FDA Clinical Trial.


The Verisyse lens is an implantable micro lens which is implanted between the cornea and iris (the colored part of the eye). The lens is centered over the pupil and held in place with tiny fasteners. The lens can not be seen with the naked eye and can be surgically removed. Data from the three year clinical trial showed that 100% of patients saw 20/40 or better following the procedure and that more than 90 percent of patients reported overall satisfaction. This lens has been used in Europe for more than 10-years.


FDA is expected this month to approve the Verisyse Lens for the correction of severely myopic (nearsighted) patients -5 diopters to -20 diopters. The approval could come as early as Friday, August 20th.


The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute in Los Angeles is conducting a series of Verisyse Lens operations. Media are welcome to witness a live surgery. B-roll of the procedure also is available. For more information on patient interviews and surgery schedule contact Cunningham & Associates.


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