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Dr. Robert Maloney believes that a well-informed patient is key to successful vision correction surgery. He wants to be sure that you fully understand what you can expect from your procedure you choose.

He wants to help you care for and preserve your eyesight in the best way possible. Here, you can find the information that you need to help you make informed choices about health care for your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions about ICL Surgery

Your doctor should take the time to answer any questions you may have. Here are the most common questions we hear regarding ICL surgery.

Can other people see the ICL in my eye?

No. The placement of the ICL behind the iris makes the lens invisible to you and anyone else, even if they look closely.

Can I feel the ICL in my eye?

No. Unlike a regular contact lenses, which cause dryness and irritation, the ICL can’t be felt in your eye.

What if my vision changes?

The ICL may be removed or replaced if your eyesight changes, but normally we would do a simple LASIK enhancement to “tune up” your vision if it changes.

Does the lens ever wear out or need replacement?

No. The lens never wears out.

Can the lenses get dirty like a contact lens?

No. The ICL will always remain clear. It is maintenance free.

Can I open my eyes under water?

Yes. Because the lens is inside your eye, it isn’t affected by water, rain, or steam.

Why haven’t I heard of the ICL?

These days, most people still have LASIK. In my practice, I recommend the ICL to about 5 percent of people who come see me for consultation. That means that, on average, you would need to know twenty people who have had refractive surgery to know one person who has had the ICL. Still, more than 375,000 ICL implants have been done around the world.

Why is the ICL procedure popular in the U.S. military services?

The U.S. military loves the ICL for two reasons. First, the recovery is quick, so soldiers are back on duty quickly. Second, the clarity of vision is outstanding. For a combat soldier, perhaps more than any other profession, clear vision is vital. Clear vision can truly mean the difference between life and death.

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