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This page is intended for eye care professionals. It may not be comprehensible for others.

Resources for Eye Care Professionals


Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute Intralase Centration Nomogram

After docking, count the number of horizontal and diagonal cursor clicks necessary to center on the pupil (don't count vertical clicks). Look up the number of clicks in the appropriate table, and apply the specified number of additional clicks. Proceed with flap creation.

Intralase Centration Nomogram - OS (pdf 44 KB)
Intralase Centration Nomogram - OD (pdf 44 KB)

Advanced Wavescan Nomogram

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute VISX S4 Sphere Adjustment Nomogram (pdf 50 KB)

Conventional Nomogram

Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute VISX S4 (pdf 50 KB)

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