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Find out why over 100 eye doctors have come to Dr. Maloney for vision correction surgery.

Why Maloney Vision Institute?

The Maloney Vision Institute was established in Los Angeles in 1998 by Dr. Robert Maloney, the first surgeon in western North America to perform LASIK surgery as part of the original FDA clinical trials. A clinical professor of ophthalmology at UCLA, Doctor Maloney has trained more than 1,000 surgeons in the use of the excimer laser and has personally performed more than 60,000 vision correction surgeries.

Since its inception, the Maloney Vision Institute has been a center for innovation and research in vision correction surgery. Its status as an FDA-authorized Study Center means that MVI surgeons examine, test and evaluate all of the latest technologies available for vision correction, so that when new advances are approved by the FDA, Dr. Maloney is already experienced in their use.

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Meet Dr. Maloney

Dr. Robert Maloney is truly a “surgeon’s surgeon.” More than 100 eye doctors have come to him from all over the world for their vision correction surgery. Many have also sent their family members.

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Meet Our Team

The highly trained and excellent eye doctors on the Maloney Vision Institute team provide the best possible preoperative and postoperative care one can get. Learn more about their expertise.

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Meet Our Patients

Some of our happy patients will be very familiar to you, because they are well-known actors or athletes, but all of them are people like you who want only the best when it comes to their eyes.

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State-of-the-Art Technology, in a State-of-the-Art Facility.

Your vision correction surgery will be performed by top eye doctor, Robert Maloney in our state-of-the-art surgery center, which is carefully designed to ensure safe, comfortable and effective eye surgery. Our dust-free environment and power backup system are features typically found only in hospitals.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your surgery will be performed with maximum safety and effectiveness. Our equipment includes the most advanced lasers in use for vision correction surgery, including:

  • The VISX S4 flying-spot, eye-tracking laser, equipped with Iris-Registration, which provides an exceptional level of accuracy in correcting your vision;
  • The IntraLase FS laser, which Dr. Maloney uses to create pulses of laser light to create a corneal flap, which is then lifted so that LASIK correction surgery can proceed. The IntraLase Method ensures blade-free LASIK surgeries, which are more comfortable, more precise, and faster healing;
  • The LenSx Femtosecond laser, which Dr. Maloney uses to make cataract removal surgery completely bladeless, all computer-controlled and programmed by Dr. Maloney.

We include Wavefront Technology as part of your LASIK treatment. The Wavefront software allows us to correct minor imperfections unique to your vision, offering many patients better than 20/20 vision, so-called 'super vision.'

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Wavefront technology allows Los Angeles Eye Doctor, Robert Maloney to examine and correct your vision with 25 times more accuracy than standard vision correction technology.

Personalized Vision Correction

When it comes to your eyes, one size does not fit all. Your eyes are just as unique as your fingerprints, and the exact correction that you need, will be different from the correction needed by anyone else.

At Maloney Vision Institute, we have every resource available to diagnose, plan and treat your eyes, so that you can have your best possible personal vision. We can offer you the exact treatment that you need, not just the treatment that is easiest for us to give you.

Because he is a leading researcher in the field, Dr. Maloney is able to offer you vision correction options other than LASIK, and will personalize your vision care with the technique that is best suited for your eyes. If you're not a good candidate for a given procedure, he'll tell you.

Why Choose Maloney Vision Institute?

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