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Dr. Robert Maloney and Dr. Neda Shamie have personally performed over 60,000 vision correction procedures.

Meet Our Patients

Watch the videos or read the testimonials and find out for yourself exactly what the doctors at The Maloney-Shamie Vision Institute’s help could mean to you.

People don’t just enjoy the results of their vision correction surgery: they can’t help but let us know how overjoyed they are to experience freedom from glasses and contacts, or simply to have clear vision for the first time in their lives.

The procedure was painless and I can see so much clearer now. It’s great to wake up in the middle of the night and be able to see my alarm clock!"

Cindy Crawford - Watch Her Story »

I would recommend going to Dr. Maloney to anyone. It's painless, really easy, quick, and it will change your life for the better."

Dennis Quaid - Watch His Story »

When I came to the office I literally could not see out of my right eye. After surgery I couldn't believe I was able to read so clearly without my glasses. It is like a whole new world."

Henry Winkler - Watch His Story »

View Our Patient Stories

Dr. Maloney and Dr. Shamie have helped a lot of interesting people to obtain clear vision, including quite a few public figures, and many of them are happy to share their stories with you.

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Video Patient Stories in the News

Dr. Maloney and Dr. Shamie's work is often groundbreaking, and Dr. Maloney's patient’s stories have been documented on multiple news programs. From the very first “bladeless” LASIK surgery to implantable contact lenses, these patients are seeing clearly, often for the first time.

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Video Patient Stories on Reality Television

From Extreme Makeover to Kim Kardashian’s “emergency” LASIK, Dr. Maloney’s patients have been in the spotlight on many reality television programs. In fact, one patient turned her LASIK experience with Dr. Maloney into an entire reality video series.

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