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Fuchs Dystrophy

Fuchs Dystrophy is a progressive eye condition, which may cause your cornea to become cloudy and lead to glare and eye discomfort. Normally, the cells lining the inside of the cornea (endothelial cells) help maintain a healthy balance of fluids within the cornea and prevent the cornea from swelling. But with Fuchs Dystrophy, the endothelial cells gradually die, resulting in fluid buildup (edema) within the cornea. This causes corneal thickening and blurred vision. Fuchs develops slowly and can affect people to a varying degree. It is an inherited condition but the disease is complex — family members can be affected to varying degrees or not at all.

Some treatments such eye drops or medications may effectively help relieve symptoms, but they will not cure Fuchs Dystrophy. If changes to your vision is starting to cause you difficulties, a cornea transplant may be recommended. Transplants are extremely successful in treating Fuchs Dystrophy.

Frequently Asked Fuchs Dystrophy Questions

  1. What are your options with Fuchs Dystrophy? What are your options with Fuchs Dystrophy?
  2. Where can you learn more about Fuchs? Where can you learn more about Fuchs?

Support Groups

The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation, also called Fuchs’ Friends, is an internet support group for people affected by Fuchs Dystrophy, which enables people to discuss their experiences and exchange information with each other. More details, including how to join, can be found on the Fuchs Friends website.

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