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Are Younger Generations Suffering from Diminished Vision?

March 16, 2018

While glasses have been around for many generations, more people choose glasses for vision correction now than ever before. People of all ages wear glasses, even as a style choice. While vision tends to decline as a result of age, there are other reasons why the younger generation is experiencing vision loss earlier than other generations.

Around 70 percent of millennials experience eye strain, and this is mainly the result of the way they live their daily lives. Technology is an integral part of work, school, and even free time. This is a problem for vision, as a continuously fixed focus on a phone, tablet, or computer screen, impacting the ability to focus.
Why do more people need glasses now?

It is more than just the technology that causes eye strain, it is the habits that we develop surrounding the use of technology. Many frequent users of technology engage in behavior such as:
• Prolonged periods of time spent focusing on devices
• Using devices in the dark
• Reduced blinking as a result of computer use

These patterns of behavior, in combination with the light emitted from the screen and the small text often displayed, means that people are constantly putting strain on their eyes, which can lead to a more rapid loss of vision. This condition is called “Computer Vision Syndrome,” or “Digital Eye Strain” and one of the common parts of modern life that can produce eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and vision problems.

What can I do to avoid vision loss?

There are many ways that you can prevent your eyesight from deteriorating. The problem is that it is not always possible for people to decrease their use of technology, as the constant use of screens is a standard aspect of school or work.

Even if you are not able to stop using technology altogether, you should be sure that you are taking breaks from looking at screens, and that you do not use your device in the dark. If your eyes are strained, take a break from the screen to focus on items at a distance.

If your eyes are strained on a regular basis and you discover your vision is declining, you should seek medical advice. Ignoring the initial problems with vision can lead more serious vision issues in the future. While some patients are resistant to the idea of wearing glasses, it is important to consider this option if you are experiencing vision problems. If your vision is worsening and it is not being treated, you are putting undue strain on your eyes, which could expedite further decline.

Beyond glasses, the younger generation now has access to other options to treat vision loss. LASIK procedures and implantable contact lenses are just some of the latest generation of treatments for vision problems.

At Maloney Vision Institute, we are aware of the problems new generations face, and are equipped with the latest technology and treatments. Vision problems are only going to become more common as our society continues to rely on technology and focus on screens of various sizes. If you are looking for solutions, there is no better place to look than Maloney Vision Institute.

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